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Install Blinds according to your setup

Activate dark mode in your website with Blinds - Use the CDN, or install via NPM package manager

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Install via NPM

Install Blinds via NPM to quickly add dark mode capability to your website written in modern frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular.

npm install --save blinds

Include via CDN

Include Blinds via CDN in your HTML as a quick set up script and easily modernize your website with a dark mode user interface.

<script src="" defer></script>

Customize your dark mode exactly how you want

Go beyond the defaults. Get your hands dirty and make your dark mode complement the overall user interface of your website.

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    "body": {
        "background-color": "black",
        "color": "gray"
    "div .container": {
        "background-color": "black",
        "color": "gray"
    "input[type='text']": {
        "background-color": "black",
        "color": "gray"

  • Light weight
  • ·
  • Flexible
  • ·
  • Framework agnostic

Regardless of your framework, Blinds has got you covered. Switch up to the plug that lets you easily customize. Blinds is robust, yet quiet.

Make your dark mode icons unique

Skip the default icons. Get the freedom to use any markup, image, or SVG you want for your toggle icons.

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  "normal": "<button>Normal</button>",
  "dark": "<button>Dark</button>"


Blinds is coming soon in your favorite CMS

Blinds will become availble starting with WordPress, drupal, and shopify.
We are making the best dark mode package available all over the web no matter what your platform is.

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